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bounded adj : having the limits or boundaries established; "a delimited frontier through the disputed region" [syn: delimited]

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  1. past of bound

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Boundedness or bounded may refer to:
  • Bounded set, a set of finite size, including a bounded poset, a partially ordered set which has both a greatest element and a least element
  • Bounded set (topological vector space), a set in which every neighborhood of the zero vector can be inflated to include the set
  • Bounded function, a function whose possible values are a bounded set
  • Bounded operator, a linear transformation L between normed vector spaces for which the ratio of the norm of L(v) to that of v is bounded by the same number, over all non-zero vectors v
  • Bounded sequence, a sequence whose set of values is bounded
  • Bounded variation, a real-valued functions whose total variation is bounded
  • Boundedness axiom, the axiom schema of replacement
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